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The Women in the Walls Blog Tour: Interview + Giveaway


Author: Amy Lukavics 
Release Date: September 27, 2016 
Publisher: Harlequin Teen 
Pages: 496 
Formats: Hardcover, eBook 

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Lucy Acosta's mother died when she was three. Growing up in a Victorian mansion in the middle of the woods with her cold, distant father, she explored the dark hallways of the estate with her cousin, Margaret. They're inseparable—a family. 

When her aunt Penelope, the only mother she's ever known, tragically disappears while walking in the woods surrounding their estate, Lucy finds herself devastated and alone. Margaret has been spending a lot of time in the attic. She claims she can hear her dead mother's voice whispering from the walls. Emotionally shut out by her father, Lucy watches helplessly as her cousin's sanity slowly unravels. But when she begins hearing voices herself, Lucy finds herself confronting an ancient and deadly legacy that has marked the women in her family for generations.  
1. Why did you choose to write YA horror?
To be honest, because it's really fun. That sounds kind of morbid, but there it is. And it's not just the otherworldly scary elements that I love to write about--I also feel like horror has a way of exploring real life human darkness that we don't usually like to think or talk about. Good scary stories often have a unique ability to teach us really important things about ourselves and others.

2. How do you come up with the ideas for your books?
I wish I knew one specific way that I could do at will. The truth is that my ideas either form slowly over a long period of time, or they suddenly pop up and punch me in the face, fully formed. Forcing it sucks and usually ends up producing a crappy idea. You just gotta live your life and be open to absorbing details from all around you that could eventually lead to big inspiration for a story.

3. What's the hardest part of being an author, in your opinion?
It really sucks trying to write on a deadline when you are just not feeling up to the work, but I think that it's also really hard to be patient while you write more books and do what you can to help your career grow. It takes literal years for this to happen! My concept of time has certainly changed since I got into publishing—a year is no longer a long time really, at all. It was difficult to get to that place, and I still get impatient with myself from time to time, but like most things, it's a work in progress.

4. Any tips for aspiring writers?
Be observant, read for pleasure as much as you can, indulge in other fulfilling hobbies, and stop being afraid that your idea isn't good enough to try and play with on paper today, right now, this very minute. Write and delete a LOT. Learn about your own personal process, and let your stories unfold naturally as you do. Push yourself to continue, even (and especially) when it gets hard. Because it will. But you're awesome, and you can do it if you want to.

5. What's up next for you?
I have another horror novel coming out next year (2017,) that is called The Ravenous. It involves death, cannibalism, and murderous sisters! I am out-of-my-mind excited for it. I'm just about to finish the first draft and it's been such a fun writing experience.
Thanks for stopping by and chatting with us today, Amy!
Ever since she was little, Amy was especially intrigued by horror books and movies. Raised in a small mountain town in Arizona, she sustained herself on a steady diet of Goosebumps, Fear Street, and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books before discovering Stephen King in her mother's bookshelf.  

Amy lives with her husband, their two precious squidlings, and an old gentleman cat by the name of Frodo. When she isn't writing, she enjoys cooking, crafting, and playing games across many platforms.   

Website | Twitter |Instagram | Goodreads | Pinterest | Tumblr | Wattpad
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Release Day Launch + Giveaway: Say It Louder by Heidi Joy Tretheway

One band. Five love stories. Too many secrets.  

We’ve been waiting a long time to find out how the band Tattoo Thief will deal with drummer Dave’s toxic ex—and the secrets she’s been collecting on everyone. It was worth the wait. You don’t have to be a fan of the series to love a book that starts fast with a huge wow moment and then unpacks the band’s secrets. In fact, you don’t have to read the earlier books because each book is a different love story about a different member of the band.  

About Say it Louder:  

I had a choice—dump my toxic girlfriend, or break up my band. 

It should have been easy. But she’s been collecting dirt on all of us for years. 

Just when I think I’ve hit rock bottom, a pink-haired street artist rocks my world. They call Willa “the Parking Lot Picasso.” I call her my refuge, my center, my last reason to hope. 

When Willa’s life on the streets collides with a sudden spotlight on her art, I’ll stop at nothing to protect her. But when the spotlight turns on my secret shame, she might be my only salvation.   

Grab your copy: Amazon ebook | iBooks | Kobo | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads | Paperback sil-teaser-2     
Get the first book in the Tattoo Thief series free (on iBooks, Amazon, Nook or Kobo), or dive in to Say it Louder by downloading a free extended sample for Kindle or all other devices. Check out this excerpt, and then enter the Rafflecopter giveaway to win a signed paperback and special swag.  
Quiet noises in Willa’s apartment wake me hours later. Soft footfalls. The rustling of fabric and clink of metal. I open my eyes to the dim city light that filters through Willa’s curtainless windows. 

She’s a shadow across the room. 

I stir and her head snaps up, eyes glinting. Her shoulders stiffen, as if I’ve caught her doing something wrong. 

I sit up. She’s swapped her jeans for black leggings and her T-shirt for a long-sleeved dark shirt. Her black messenger bag bulges on her hip. 

“Where are you going?” 

“Out.” She moves to a shelf and stuffs something in the messenger bag. 

“You look like you’re going to break in somewhere.” 

She tilts up her chin, a challenge. “Maybe I am.” 

I’m on my feet in an instant, moving between her and the door. “What? You can’t just go out and wander the streets and break in places.” 

She huffs, her eyes hardening when I block her exit. “I can do anything I want. You wanted a place to stay. So stay. But don’t tell me what I can or can’t do.” 

Willa moves to get around me but I shift to the side, and suddenly we’re chest to chest. Another staredown. 

This time, our faces are inches apart. Our staring contest crackles with the electricity of our physical touch. 

“Move,” she whispers. 

My lips curl into a faint smile. “No.” 

Willa scowls and shoves her body closer to the door, closer to me. I rest my hand lightly on her hip, so as she moves, I move. Like we’re dancing. 

Her fist clenches the material of my dark gray shirt. “I said, move.” 

Her demand is a hiss and I smell her breath, sweet and hot, cinnamon and clove. My eyes drop to her lips, and I want my mouth there. I need to taste her. 

Her eyes darken, pupils dilating as I tip my chin slightly, moving closer. But before I can connect with that ripe mouth, she shoves my chest—hard. 

“Wrong move, Dave.” She spins and grabs the door handle and she’s down a flight of stairs before I can pick my jaw up off the floor, shove my feet in my shoes, and follow her. 

I don’t know why I follow, I just do. Acting on instinct, rather than from the million calculations that usually drive me. 

Normally, I think with my head. I weigh the logic in any situation. But Willa defies logic. She’s like a force of nature, thunder and lightning, impossible to control. 

I race after her, down four flights, hustling to catch up as she pushes out of her building and onto the sidewalk. 

“Willa. Would you wait up for me?” 

She flings a glance over her shoulder. “This can’t wait.” She doesn’t slow down, but she doesn’t speed up, either. 

“What are you doing—really?” I hustle after her and pull my phone from my pocket to check the time. 1:18 a.m. Unless she’s going bar-hopping, there aren’t a lot of legal activities available right now. 

Willa snatches the phone from my hand, and that jolt of electricity is back. She powers off my phone without asking. “First rule: keep up. Second rule: put this away. If it lights up or rings at the wrong time, we’re screwed.” 

She hands the phone back and I pocket it. “What’s the third rule?” 

“Do what I tell you, ask questions later.”  
heidi-joy-tretheway-author-photo Heidi Joy Tretheway is a sucker for campfires, craft cocktails, and steamy romance in books and real life. She sings along with musicals (badly), craves French carbs, and buys plane tickets the way some women buy shoes.   Her first career as a journalist took Heidi behind the scenes with politicians, rock stars, and chefs, all of whom inspire her stories. Heidi Joy is currently working on her tenth book from her home in southwestern Washington. 

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Sacrifice Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway

Sacrifice (Serpentine #2)
Author: Cindy Pon 
Publication Date: September 27, 2016 
Publisher: Month9Books 


Sacrifice, the sequel to Serpentine, plunges Skybright into the terrifying underworld where demons are bred and whisks her up to the magnificent Mountain of Heavenly Peace where the gods dwell.  

Stone is stripped of his immortal status and told to close hell's breach, which mysteriously remains open, threatening mortals.  

Zhen Ni, Skybright's former mistress and friend, has been wed to the strange and brutish Master Bei, and finds herself trapped in an opulent but empty manor. When she discovers half-eaten corpses beneath the estate, she realizes that Master Bei is not all that he seems.  

As Skybright works to free Zhen Ni with the aid of Kai Sen and Stone, they begin to understand that what is at risk is more far-reaching then they could ever have fathomed. 
Things You Didn't Know About the Serpentine Series

There are two major influences behind the Serpentine series.

One is that visually, much of it was inspired by the film Clash of the Titans. The old school one that came out decades ago. In the climactic scene, Perseus is trying to survive and slay Medusa, and she slithers about, hissing. The film made her so monstrous and grotesque, and yet, as a young viewer (I was probably 11 or 12), I somehow still found sympathy for her. I knew that even though she was the villain of the story, the monster, we didn't know everything about her. It made me curious over the monstrous girl's narrative.

Another source of inspiration is Dream of the Red Chamber, a Chinese literary classic by Cao Xueqin. It chronicles the rise and fall of a rich and illustrious family during the Qing Dynasty. I used that as inspiration for my heroine's handmaid status to her mistress and dear friend, as well as the wealth and rituals of a rich manor. However, in the actual book by Cao, their lives were much more opulent!


SERPENTINE is a sweeping fantasy set in the ancient Kingdom of Xia and inspired by the rich history of Chinese mythology.  Lush with details from Chinese folklore, SERPENTINE tells the coming of age story of Skybright, a young girl who worries about her growing otherness. As she turns sixteen, Skybright notices troubling changes. By day, she is a companion and handmaid to the youngest daughter of a very wealthy family. But nighttime brings with it a darkness that not even daybreak can quell.   When her plight can no longer be denied, Skybright learns that despite a dark destiny, she must struggle to retain her sense of self – even as she falls in love for the first time. 

Amazon | B&N | BAM | Chapters | Indiebound | Kobo | TBD | Google Play | iTunes
Cindy Pon is the author of Silver Phoenix (Greenwillow, 2009), which was named one of the Top Ten Fantasy and Science Fiction Books for Youth by the American Library Association’s Booklist, and one of 2009′s best Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror by VOYA. Her most recent novel, Serpentine (Month9Books, 2015), is a Junior Library Guild Selection and received starred reviews from School Library Journal and VOYA. The sequel, Sacrifice, releases this September. WANT, a near-future thriller set in Taipei, will be published by Simon Pulse in summer 2017. She is the co-founder of Diversity in YA with Malinda Lo and on the advisory board of We Need Diverse Books. Cindy is also a Chinese brush painting student of over a decade. Learn more about her books and art at

Website • Twitter • Facebook • Goodreads • Tumblr
One (1) winner will receive a scrabble tile book cover charm (US ONLY) 
Five (5) winners will receive a digital copy of Serpentine and Sacrifice by Cindy Pon (INT)